Luke Garbutt ready to make a decision on his future


Luke Garbutt's contract at Everton is soon going to expire. He is unsure of what the future is holding for him with only a few weeks left out in the contract. He with Everton signed a deal at 2015 for five years and all his time at Everton, he has spent a good number of those at several clubs of Europe. This 2019–2020 season he has spent it in Ligue 1 club Ipswich Town and has played a good role with 28 league appearances he has scored five goals and three assists.

Garbutt in a talk with the official website of Ipswich Town has said that his contract with Everton will soon be coming to an end. When everything related to football has settled down, he along with his agent will be having talks with a representative. He, in this summer,will draw out the process and see what the future have for him. He hopes that he can make a decision on which club he wants to join.

He will then look out for the options available and also see what is the opinion of Ipswich. Even though he will be looking for other clubs, hewouldn’t decline an offer from Ipswich because he enjoyed playing for the French club.
Ligue 1 was called off due to coronavirus and this decision as helped him to concentrate on his future club career. He said that there was uncertainty regarding the club matches and it was being dragged too long. With the matches cancelled,Ipswich will not be happy but as a club, they can move forward. They can prepare a team for the next season where they will have more positive and better movements.

Meanwhile,Everton will be playing their first match after the three-month-long break against Liverpool on June 21, Sunday. Liverpool is leading the Premier League table and is two wins away from the title while the Everton is on 12th place.