Ronald Koeman talks about his recent signings

IdrissaGueye, Ashley Williams and YannickBolasie are some of the latest summer signings of Everton which were signed during the last few days that the summer transfer window was opened before eventually shutting down.

The head coach of Everton, Ronald Koeman has revealed details concerning these players that were recently signed as the Dutch coach said that they have surprisingly been adapting well at a fairly quick pace which is something difficult to do as players usually need some time to adapt into a new team.

'They have settled in very well. How fast players settle depends on the atmosphere in the Club and the adaptation of the players is really going fast. Of course, for the players by themselves, it`s sometimes difficult to adapt and that little understanding that you need with your teammates, they still need to improve that.’’

‘’They also need to learn the way we play, what we like and what we want from each player and each position. That can be a bit different to what they are used to but they`ll get the time, they`re all good players and they are really settled in the Club at the moment.’’ Everton’s Ronald Koeman said.

It’s good news for Ronald Koeman and for supporters of Everton as the Premier League club finished in the 11th spot during the 2015-16 season of the top tier English League. Ronald Koeman is now being pressured to help Everton finish in a higher position, snatching a top 5 spot in the Premier League can allow Everton to compete in a European competition for the upcoming season and this is what Ronald Koeman is aiming to accomplish in his debut season as head coach of the Premier League club.