Everton manager Roberto Martinez has steadied the ship

After a few wobbles in the early part of the season, it looks like Everton manager Roberto Martinez has steadied the ship.

The team are only a couple of points away from European qualification. He has been able to once again get the best out of Romelu Lukaku. The Belgian striker is in his second permanent season with Everton. The last campaign did not go well for the youngster as he appeared to struggle with the £ 28 million transfer fee on his head. Now, though, performances have improved a lot from the youngster and he is one of the top scorers in the Premier league with seven league goals.

There have been rumours in recent weeks that Everton will be prepared to cash in on the success of Lukaku. Selling the player now will generate a lot of transfer money for Everton to spend in other areas of the pitch. When put forward with this probability, Martinez claimed that the club are now concentrating only on retaining the players who are already present at the club. This sends out a clear message that Everton will not be letting go of players like John Stones and Lukaku. Ross Barkley is also another star name who continues to be linked with big clubs.

"We've got such a strong squad - the focus for us is to see how good we can be with the squad we have now. We have enough time in the summer to see if we can bring players into the football club. All we want is to be as good as we can with the players we have, that I'm delighted with. It will be very important for us to make sure the window that is going to open in the winter is to just give a bit more normality, to make sure the squad gets reaffirmed,” said Martinez.