With 10 matches remaining until the end of the Premier League, Liverpool is sitting in 2nd place alongside Arsenal as they both share 59 points and are looking very likely on securing a Champions League qualification spot for the upcoming season.

The managing director of Liverpool, Ian Ayre revealed some of the plans he has which will help the club on fighting against the best clubs in the world in the Champions League and hopefully get back in track on securing the silverware they haven’t won since 2005.

The latest review from reckons that Liverpool will finish in second.

'We are Liverpool FC and we know what good looks like. We've been there and we expect to be the best we can be. But you have to take a reasonable amount of comfort from the fact that we know why we are 12th. We are not playing European football and that's at the heart of it. We have a stadium that doesn't allow us the capacity that our demands dictate'.

'So we know why, and we are doing all we can to address that. We are doing what we can in terms of European football by addressing it on the pitch and we are all hoping we can get back in the Champions League.'

'Brendan and the team at the club have all put a fantastic effort in to try and win us that prize and get us there. And if we got Champions League football and were enjoying Champions League revenues I think that would have put us eighth in that Deloitte league this year'. Ayre explained.

Luis Suarez and Daniel Sturridge have been leading the way for Liverpool in this season as they are the main attacking outlet for the team of Brendan Rodgers and even though they were knocked out of the FA Cup, if they can still manage on finishing at the top spots of the Premier League it will be a fairly good season for Liverpool as they will earn the chance on getting into the Champions League.