Guide to football betting


Before making any form of decision on which match to bet on, you need to know exactly where you can go to do so. You can venture down to your local bookies or simply open up your laptop, search ‘football betting’ and watch the options and enticing offers pop up in front of you.

Many online betting sites offer alluring incentives to bet with them. Some companies now even have their own app for your smart phone or android, so you can bet on the go if you can’t reach your local bookmakers or don’t have the use of a laptop.

Betting on the football is a very easy way of making money, and a very popular way of doing so too. When it comes to betting on a game there are so many different markets to bet on. The most standard way to bet on a match is to decide simply who will win the game and bet on them; easy as that (this is known as the ‘outright winner’). Similarly, decide on a draw and if the match ends in a draw, you win. Whilst betting can depend on luck, it really does help to know your stuff, so which team is doing particularly well at the moment?

There are also more exciting options to bet on in a match, however all of them are still pretty self-explanatory and easy to grasp. First or last goal scorer can be a popular option, again it helps to know some statistics before making your bet. Which players are on form with their goal scoring at the moment? Number of cards in a match - is there any particular history and rivalry with the teams going head to head? The list goes on. Some people opt for an ‘accumulator’ which allows you to bet on a number of teams at one time to win, draw or lose. Whilst this can mean that if you do in fact predict the outcome of all your chosen games you will win more, it is also less likely that you will guess them all right.
Basically, the more unlikely the outcome, the more you win and within the football betting realm you can just about bet on anything, so get creative!

Many of these tips can be applied to other forms of online gambling – because you certainly wouldn’t try to play games like poker without learning the rules, or with more money than you have. Maybe the only casino games that they don’t apply to are slots games – which is perhaps why sports themed slot machine games are so popular at online casinos. Slots games, like the football slot Soccer Safari, are very easy to master and very cheap to play – often allowing you to bet with little more than pennies. Thus even an inexperienced gambler can play them, and they will not put anyone in real debt. Therefore, if you don’t want your sports betting to be quite as risky, perhaps playing a sports themed slot machine provides the best option.