Rumours have intensified in recent months that Everton manager David Moyes could leave the club at the end of the season after growing frustrated due to the financial situation.

The Scot has been in talks with Everton over the last few months to sign a new deal, but he has postponed all the talks until the summer. There is also a lot of pressure on the chairman, Bill Kenwright, in order to sort of the future of the manager. The 67-year-old, though, has said that he is prepared to wait on the decision of the Scot, who has been at the club for more than 10 years.

There is an increasing amount of frustration within the Everton fans after the club failed to win silverware this season as well. Despite being on a limited budget, Everton fans think that Moyes should have been able to win at least one trophy during this long span of time. Moyes has been attracting interest from several clubs in the Premier league, which he sees as an ideal alternative to Everton where his hands are tied down.

Even though Kenwright has acknowledged that Moyes is putting the club in a difficult situation, he has said that the 49-year-old has earned the right to look at his own career now.

"He's made a simple statement, give me to the end of the season. He knows in making that statement it's not the easiest one for the football club and he's acknowledged that to me. But he also knows the respect I have for him. So hopefully in seven weeks when the last match is played we can have the five minutes that David has alluded to for the last six months," said the Everton chairman in an interview given to Sky Sports about the future of his manager.